16 May 2017

Rivendelle Residence makes business spaces available for entrepreneurs

Rivendelle Residence is now open for business. With four commercial spaces available within the residential complex, opening your business or an office here will help to develop the sense of community in  this up and coming residential district.

Rivendelle has been designed to optimise the space both inside and out. From the spacious apartments filled with light to the complex’s very own park, all the facilities have been created to provide a calm, comfortable and enjoyable living space for living, where everything you need is on-hand.

It’s our intent to create a community for the residents of Rivendelle Residence. To help realise this, we’ve made four commercial spaces available on the ground floor, each unit offering 100 square metres of floor space. These are ideal for small businesses – such as a pastry shop, a coffee shop, a dry cleaning business, a beauty parlor or even an office – anything which will supplement the needs of Rivendelle’s residents and provide an enhanced living experience.

Those who appreciate quality and comfort will be delighted with how easy these commercial units make their lives. From dry-cleaning their clothes after a hard day at work to the ease of grabbing a coffee in the mornings. Having all of this at their disposal on the ground floor of their own apartments isn’t just about convenience – it’s also about building a sense of community and providing a place to get to know their neighbours.

If you are interested in developing your business inside the Rivendelle housing complex, call us at +40 799 000 597 or visit us on 16 Constructorilor Street, Timișoara.