Concierge open daily, until 10:00 PM
Mail service, dry cleaning and other on-demand services
Friendly staff, top­-notch services

A variety of services is catered to you at our reception desk daily, until 10 p.m.


Using a cutting-edge technology, we offer 24/7 security to all our residents.


Top-notch designers and constructors: Ezzo Design and Werk MB Construct.


With a 900 m² park around the housing complex, nature and relaxation are closer.

Not even a detail is left aside

Rivendelle Residence is thought and executed with the utmost attention for all of its features to be exactly as planned. Some call it perfection – we call it care, wellbeing and all in all, a thriving living experience, delivered to each of its inhabitants.


We provide easily accessible elevators from the inside of the building and the underground parking, also ensuring access for persons with disabilities.


Safety & surveillance

To make sure everything is well-guarded, the buildings as well as the underground car park are equipped with ongoing surveillance systems.

Bespoke finishes

Construction and interior design experts Werk and Ezzo help us create apartments with personality and style, in order to best suit your wishes.



To your peace of mind and comfort, several services such as dry cleaning or mail service can be requested at our reception desk, daily, until 10 p.m.


With a central location, Rivendelle is nearby popular supermarkets, as well as Iulius Mall, Pădurea Verde and various public transportation.


Eco­-friendly architecture

All of the apartments are designed to be eco-friendly and sustainable, allowing for an efficient use of energy while protecting the environment.

Premium services

From construction and finishes to bespoke assistance, our high-­quality services represent the very core mission of Rivendelle Residence.


Competitive pricing

All the services and facilities provided are available to you at a market price. This means that you can enjoy the very best, with a fair value.