Designers of exceptional living

We, at Rivendelle Residence, have one mission – to provide you with the highest quality of living.

It was our clear purpose to raise the bars in terms of quality of living and we have succeeded so far to develop numerous industrial and civil projects that are especially created for the contemporary lifestyle. Nowadays, our portfolio reflects the high quality and the superior standards that we are constantly delivering.

Hence, the Rivendelle Residence idea came as a natural result for us, here at Vox Property Group. It was our focus to create and deliver great buildings that fit people`s needs and moreover, that exceed their expectations.

Built with excellence

All of this to be possible, we have partnered up with Werk MB Construct, a prestigious construction company specialising in concrete structures, interior and exterior finishes, building restoration, metal fabrication and other modern technologies. It is to our delight to say that the project meets the quality standards of both industrial and civil engineering.

Enhanced by a special design

Yet, it was in our initial plans to create more than just a housing complex, but a place that people can call `home`, so the interior design provided by Ezzo Design managed to do just that. We take pride to say that the most exquisite solutions for apartment spaces are imagined to combine aesthetics, function and high-quality materials.