15 February 2017

Premium apartments in Timișoara

Buying a home is an important step in life. Here are five reasons why choosing Rivendelle Residence is a smart move. Schedule your visit right away!

6 June 2017

Work progress – May 2017

Spring days are perfect for working outdoors. We’ve finished the park behind the two buildings, giving Rivendelle Residence a completely new look.

16 May 2017

Rivendelle Residence makes business spaces available for entrepreneurs

Rivendelle is now open for business with four commercial spaces available within the residential complex, ideal for small businesses.

30 April 2017

Work progress – April 2017

April’s sunny days were perfect for our hard-working team – the field near Rivendelle Residence was levelled in the first step towards creating the park.

31 March 2017

Work progress – March 2017

The first owners have already moved into the new apartments, and we wait for the rest of the Rivendelle Residence inhabitants to make themselves at home.

1 March 2017

Work progress – February 2017

In February, the work was focused around the interior finishes and since the spring has arrived, the work at the nearby park has started.

31 January 2017

Work progress – January 2017

Rivendelle project is 99% finished and the team works to complete the interior finishes. Schedule a visit right away!

16 December 2016

Work progress – December 2016

We’re working on the latest finishings at Rivendelle housing complex. Soon, the owners can make the big move into their new apartments!

14 November 2016

Work progress: November 2016

November finds Rivendelle Residence site in full action, as the work is being conducted on multiple areas.

7 November 2016

Showroom apartment

With Ezzo Design specialists who have created the three different types of apartments at Rivendelle Residence, there is now the time to announce the first apartment to be finalized.

22 October 2016

Work progress: October 2016

October starts with fresh news from the Rivendelle working site. The construction team is working on finishing the exterior walls and placing the decorative plaster.

30 September 2016

Work progress: September 2016

In September, the work on the Rivendelle project has been focused on finishing the staircases and hallways, with particular target on setting the travertine.

12 August 2016

Work progress: August 2016

August starts with the exterior insulation work on the facades of the two building sections and continues with the mounting of double-glazed windows.

20 July 2016

Work progress: July 2016

Rivendelle site is at full power even in the midst of summer. This month, the work at the site evolved with the completion of the installations and insulations.

28 June 2016

Work progress: June 2016

At Rivendelle housing complex, the work is quickly evolving, with the main focus on setting the electric circuits.