There`s no place like home. Likewise, there`s no place like Rivendelle.

Unique in terms of quality and services, Rivendelle Residence is created in order to offer its inhabitants the perfect place for an outstanding living.

Imagine a place where all your needs are met, where the comfort of your home is captured within a modern, edgy and functional design and where there is a fine balance between relaxation and different kind of activities. We call that place Rivendelle Residence.

It all started from the simple idea of providing the best housing experience on the market. With that in mind, plus years of experience and dedication brought by the Rivendelle team, the project is now growing into a solid and wonderful work that ultimately serves a community of people who enjoy the modern day living.

And to make it all easier, the Rivendelle Residence experience is enhanced by the newest architectural and interior design trends, offered by the award-winning studio Ezzo Design. In that matter, three distinctive apartment designs, Lorien, Rohan and Eriador, are to be chosen from, so that you can move in as soon as possible.

Technical details

Location: Str. Constructorilor 16, Timişoara
Surface area: 3.456 m²
Flats: 60
Flat types: studio, 1 bedroom and ½, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms
Car park: 55 underground (card access) and 38 above­-ground parking spaces
Storage units: 26

Partners for the long run

Our experience and perfectionism are aimed towards making families as happy as they can be. It is our mission to help every one of our community members find the perfect place to live, one to suit their needs and wishes.